BodyMore, is the debut project by writing team, Darren Mallett and Shannon Shird. As queer, Black filmmakers they are committed to creating diverse stories that present the raw and honest lives and loves of their peers.



Writer/Executive Producer

Shannon is a producer, writer and filmmaker from Baltimore, MD currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Shannon's work centers around art and social activism. She serves as producer for award-winning, documentary film, Black and Cuba doing marketing, outreach, and distribution. Since June 2013, she has organized with Black Alliance for Just Immigration working on campaigns and projects that address racial equity, economic justice and immigrant rights including, ICE-FREE NYC, Safety Beyond Policing, and more.

In 2014, she co-founded ARTrepreneurship art collective to economically empower artists-of-color and The New Black School, a group for Black grad students to create community and professional development. She currently serves as board member. Shannon leads workshops on a range of topics revolving around race, borders and globalization, media literacy, and comprehensive sex education for youth. She holds an MA in international affairs from The New School and a BA in history from Smith College. BodyMore  was adapted from her short story, "Untitled." Shannon is BodyMore's executive producer.  




Darren Mallett is a producer/director living in NYC. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Tampa, FL; Darren is a graduate of the New School. He's Co-Creator and Executive producer of Comedy web series, "Brett and the City". Darren is a Curatorial Assistant at Creatively Speaking Film Series, led by Michelle Materre. Together he along with producer, Empress Varnado started #bbdigital; a series of events bringing content creators of color together. Darren will direct BodyMore.

cast & crew