A Love Letter to Black Women, Baltimore & Badassery

Shannon here. I'm so excited to welcome you to our site! 

BodyMore is my love letter to Black women, my hometown, Baltimore, and our beautiful and badass resistance in the face of so much adversity and responsibility.

BodyMore is a coming-of-age story about a woman who truly believes that she can forge her own way of living, loving and liberating.

BodyMore follows a weekend in the life of Carrie Cook, a carefree and rebellious Black woman, as she navigate her sexual freedom, complicated friendships and social activism in Baltimore City.

BodyMore started as a short story. In a moment of darkness it created so much light and inspiration for me. Since October, I've been working tirelessly, pulling all nighters with my good friends Darren Mallett and London Lauren to adapt it for screen and bring it to life. I'm excited to have my friend and writing partner, Darren Mallett use his vision as the forthcoming director of BodyMore.

We have finally finalized our script, began casting, location scouting and planning our production, scheduled for late August in Baltimore.

I'm also super Excited to say that we shoot our teaser next weekend!

Although my team is strong we still need help! Any contribution you can make to this process is very welcome!